Peaceful Warrior, a song from Latvian hip-hop artist’s I MEAN LOVE second solo album Spiritual Wellness now has a music video. In this electronical, high-energy, melancholic track the artist is expressing his inner battles between two realms existing alongside one another – the true self, the soul and the mind-made constructs and illusions – the ego.

When explaining the idea behind visuals for Peaceful Warrior, I MEAN LOVE said: ‘To properly capture and compliment the vibe of the song I knew the video had to be filmed some place magical and peaceful.’

I MEAN LOVE continued: ‘We went to Iceland and were truly blessed by its nature’s beauty and perfection! I feel and really hope that, with the help from Rocketship Network video crew, we were able to deliver full experience of Peaceful Warrior we wanted for our listeners to have.’ So how do You think they succeeded? Watch the video above.

The song was inspired by Dan Millman’s book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”.

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