Imagine, you go to the mall with your friends, to have lunch together, or browse the stores and suddenly you run into Lil Uzi Vert. Most fans would try their best to score a picture, but this fan had something much bigger on his mind.

Instagram Story @bigassheel

In the video above, a fan filmed on his Instagram Story as Lil Uzi Vert was entering a store, and walked up to him and said “Yo Uzi, Uzi, What’s good bruh? Can you pay for my college tuition? (How much is your college tuition?) 90 grand, I go to Temple.” Uzi proceeds to ask if he will actually finish college and asks him to provide him his transcripts. Uzi also asks how to find him on Instagram. Let’s see if Uzi will remember his handle, and we hope to hear from the fan updates on this story.

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