7 Tha Great Release Date for “Caught A Vibe” Has Been Set


7 Tha Great has just officially announced release date for his single “Caught a Vibe”, which is a hard-hitting southern trap anthem, that hip-hop enthusiasts the world-over can relate to. The heavy-808’s coupled with 7’s legendary word-play and lyrical prowess make the track ripe for radio.

The two-time ‘Dallas Artist of the Year’ award winner gives his all, stepping outside the mainstream hip-hop box and offering a fresh and unique sound.


He prepares his fans for the drop of his sophomore album, ‘Demigod,’ which is set for release on December 1st.

Burton started his journey into the music industry when he collaborated with Phantom City Records. After revising and re-recording previously released tracks, he is determined and ready to drop a new solo album called “Demigod.” The album consists of 7 tracks including the hit single “Caught a Vibe.”

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