NASA has teased a return campaign to the Moon and even has plans to go further than our lunar satellite and head to Mars.
The Exploration Campaign builds on 18 continuous years of Americans and NASA international partners living and working together on the International Space Station. This marks NASA’s first return to the moon in 60 years.

The Exploration Campaign has five strategic goals:

  1. Transition U.S. human spaceflight activities in low-Earth orbit  to commercial operations that support NASA and the needs of an emerging private sector market.
  2. Lead the emplacement of capabilities that support lunar surface operations and facilitate missions beyond cislunar space.
  3. Foster scientific discovery and characterization of lunar resources through a series of robotic missions.
  4. Return U.S. astronauts to the surface of the Moon for a sustained campaign of exploration and use.
  5. Demonstrate the capabilities required for human missions to Mars and other destinations.

NASA is building a plan for Americans to orbit the Moon starting in 2023, and land astronauts on the surface no later than the late 2020s. But missions to Mars planned to start in the 2030’s and culminating in a surface landing, which will be supported by the resulting works on the Moon in the coming years.