From Gucci to Versace, balaclavas were spotted everywhere on the runway during the Autumn/Winter 2018 season. And, it was about time that high fashion iterations of the knitted headgear were introduced.

Our skin has suffered too long as a result of exposure to blisteringly cold winter temperatures, with not a trendy face-warmer in sight. Here are five of the best ways to wear one this winter.

number one


gucci-balaclava-trill-eraA little like a football scarf that has crept all the way around the circumference of your head, this striped Gucci balaclava will see you through the harshest sleet and snow imaginable.

number two


For early 2000s Russian Carrie Bradshaw realness, accentuate the shape of this black ribbed Lanin balaclava with a strapless bodycon dress worn underneath a huge furry coat and knee-high boots.

number three

Germ – proof

Protect yourself from environmental contaminants with a hand-knitted balaclava by Calvin Klein pulled over your mouth, inspired by Julianne Moore’s character in the 1995 film Safe. Transfer-proof lipstick also recommended.

number four


For a lightweight option – and one that will completely prevent itching of any kind – a wool and cotton blend balaclava works wonders.

number five

Scarf hood

Look to Versace’s elegant balaclava for high octane glamour like no other. Jersey hood with front zip closure. An unexpected touch, worn with anything for a unique street style flare.