New and good news are here! British powerhouse Burberry will be eliminating unnecessary packaging and will go plastic-free by 2025.

Burberry is the latest brand to announce a sustainable approach in the forthcoming future (finally!).

The luxury brand have announced plans to go completely plastic-free by 2025. In six years, the new initiative will see Burberry’s packing be either reusable, recyclable or compostable. Already, the company have eliminated 29 tons of plastic by abolishing plastic lamination from its retail bags. As well as from Burberry’s poly bags for garment covers.

The continuing efforts will carry on throughout the year too, with plans to replace all of their current hangers, shrouds and poly bags with an eco-friendly option.

Burberry is already well on its way to becoming an eco-friendly brand. In September 2018, they discontinued the use of real fur and its practices of eliminating unsaleable products and excess inventory.