The show Hot Ones has become known over the past few years for testing the limits of celebrities of all sorts and pushing them to the breaking point of spice, most of them not being able to stomach the final wings.

For the latest episode of Hot Ones, host Sean Evans invited its most-requested guest, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay to take on the spicy wing challenge.

Gordon Ramsay became known as a chef, but is now most famous for his critiques of people’s food. In the episode he described how the hot sauce was “burning a new ring” on his “fuckin’ ass.” Towards the end he asks for a bathroom and can be heard making some burp/barf sounds off camera.

Although impressed by the spice, Ramsay was not a fan of the chicken itself, asking the host: “how’d you get a chicken wing that looks like my grandad’s big toe?” He’s right, the wings do look gnarled, lean and undersized.

Gordon also tested antidotes to battle the heat, lime, doughnuts and more while moving through the painfully-hot platter in front of him. At the end of his ordeal, Gordon shows Sean how to make perfect scrambled eggs.

Watch the whole thing in the video.