Garlic is an incredible addition to many meals but it’s pungent smell and powerful flavour make many disregard this great superfood altogether.

So what is so special about this herb? Garlic contains 15-30 mg of vitamin C as well as vitamins B1, B2, and PP. The characteristic garlic flavour and aroma come from the essential oils in it. The specific smell is caused by a fleeting, antibacterial substance allicin which has a very high antibacterial activity. Imagine this: if you were to keep a lobe of garlic in your mouth for as little as 3 to 5 minutes, all the bacteria in your mouth would be killed! In addition, garlic releases phytoncides – substances that prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. Selenium in garlic aids in regulating the sharpness of our vision, protein and lipid changes in the body, regulates the plasticity of the tissues, and helps prevent cancerous cells from forming.

Nearly all of the world’s societies have some tips and trick for garlic use to treat various diseases. They are used for:
– atherosclerosis
– chronic colitis
– gastritis
– bronchial asthma
– influenza
– angina
– chronic bronchitis
– against hair loss (rubbing scalp with grated garlic)
– removal of wart
– diuretic in the case of kidney stones

Garlic also is used to:

increase the function of the digestive tract, lower blood pressure.
extend peripheral and coronary blood vessels,
promote the development of the intestinal microflora,
suppress the processes of intestinal fermentation and puffiness.

To make sure your body absorbs all the goodness in these herbs, use them fresh (not cooked) – on a sandwich, or with a spoonful of honey – and enjoy all the benefits!