Usain Bolt has scored his first goals for a professional soccer team. And they were not bad at all.

The Jamaican has been training with the Australian A-League’s Central Coast Mariners since August after training spells with teams in Germany, South Africa and Norway. Mariners have promised Bolt nothing except the chance at a professional contract. The Australian season starts October 19 and they have not confirmed they will offer him one yet.

Bolt retired from athletics in 2017 after winning an unprecedented “triple triple” at successive Summer Olympics, three gold medals in three consecutive games in 2008, 2012  and 2016.

If Bolt is offered a contract and starts to play pro soccer at the age of 32, the age many of the best think of retiring, one year younger than Cristiano Ronaldo is now, it would be another remarkable chapter in the career of a man who has only done remarkable things.